Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Book Review: Big Happy Mushy Lump by Sarah Andersen

This is the follow up to Sarah's first compilation of her online comic, Sarah's Scribbles. Her first book is Adulthood is a Myth. Sarah writes from the perspective of a millennial who has anxiety issues, self-esteem issues, but also loves her boyfriend, her boyfriend's comfy clothes, and reading. Half of the stuff I can completely related to like the evilness of high heel shoes and the desire to be comfortable conflicting with the desire to look pretty. I also can relate to being cheap on everything but books (or cross stitch supplies in my case). Other things I don't relate to as well, but I know people who are like Sarah's character, so her comics help me to better relate to them. I completely recommend picking this up for a quick, fun read.

I used this book for the 2017 Full House Reading Challenge Category: Size Word in the Title
I also used it for the 2017 Read Harder Challenge Category: All Ages Comic

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