Tuesday, January 31, 2017

eResource Review: World Book Timelines

World Book Timelines is a fun little e-resource that my library offers freely. It is accessible both in the branch or at home. With World Book Timelines, you can look at all the different events that have occurred throughout written history. One function of the program is the ability to create your own timeline. You can either add significant dates in history, significant dates in your own life, or both. I decided to create a timeline that includes the day I was born, the day I graduated from high school, college, and grad school, as well as the day I got married. Throughout this lifespan I have added significant events like the Challenger explosion, the San Francisco earthquake, 9/11, the two wars against Iraq, the elections of Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump, and other major events.

The timelines are a great way to see what was going on simultaneously in different parts of the world, and just to get a grasp on World History. I highly recommend this addition to any library's e-resources.

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