Tuesday, January 10, 2017

eResource Review:

This year, I will be spending time with all of the eResources my library has to offer. After a year working in a job, I found that I am still unfamiliar with all of these free resources, and I believe that is a gap of knowledge that needs to be fixed if I am to do my job as well as I should. I decided for this first time, I would simply scroll through my eLibrary page with my eyes closed and simply pick the first resource.

I landed on is a website that is freely accessible through the library’s website. Within is a plethora of Missouri car, motorcycle, and CDL permit/license practice tests. The tests are over the rules of the road, road signs, fines, and limits. There are also the full versions of the Missouri Driver’s Handbook, Motorcycle Handbook, and CDL Handbook. A FAQ spells out for you how teenagers and adults can apply for learner’s permits and licenses, and everything is available in Spanish as well as English. specifies on its website that it is not part of any state agency, but is run by a private organization. The website is available both in and outside of the library and does not require special login to access the materials or information. In fact, anyone can access the site by clicking here and selecting their state.

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