Thursday, December 15, 2016

Book Review: The Autobiography of Santa Claus, edited by Jeff Guinn

I desperately needed this book though I had no idea at the time I started it. It has truly gotten me into the Christmas spirit. I have no good reason not to be in the spirit of Christmas, it just wasn't hitting me for some reason. The Autobiography of Santa Claus is just that, it is Santa Claus himself writing down his 1735 year history. Like most people know, Santa Claus was born in 280 AD in a small town in what is now Turkey. His name was Nicholas (most people didn't have surnames back then). He grew up to be the Bishop of Myra. History says that Nicholas died when he was 63 years old in the year 343, but the true story is that he left his life in Myra and ended up becoming the most renown gift giver of all time. Years later, he married, and has made many famous friends who have become his helpers. Over the years, he ended up acquiring flying reindeer and a home at the North Pole.

The story is divided into 24 chapters, so one could start on December 1st, reading only one chapter a day, and finish on Christmas Eve. The story is also written with children in mind, so the language is pretty simple, although Santa does talk about topics like slavery and war, and how those things keep him from giving gifts to all the kids he would like. I highly recommend reading it yourself to learn more about what life was like for St. Nicholas and how different traditions about Santa Claus came to be, but I also think it ought to be read to kids as well.

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