Monday, December 12, 2016

2017 Reading Challenges

This year, I joined three reading challenges, the first time I had ever done reading challenges, and they were a lot of fun for the most part. The first reading challenge was PopSugar's Reading Challenge. They had 40 books on that challenge, but I finished them by October. For 2017, the challenge has added 12 more books for the Advanced challenge, for a grand total of 52. PopSugar does not offer anything other than bragging rights for completing the challenge, but I still recommend it! The categories are a lot of fun.

The second challenge I did was BookRiot's #ReadHarder challenge. This challenge of 24 books really gets you to read outside of your comfort zone. The 2017 challenge categories will likely not be announced until December 15th, but if you want to check out what the categories were this year, click on the link here. Once your challenge if finished, send in the complete list to get a 30% coupon to use in their store. At my library, I am starting a club for those who want to go through the #ReadHarder Challenge together in 2017. If you live in the St. Louis area, check out the registration page.

The third challenge I did was on a blog called The Girly Geek. She does a Bingo challenge, but in order to entice people to come back to her blog, she had some mystery categories she would only release once every two months. She did not keep up with that this year, so I'm not looking to do it again this year.

If you would like to see more reading challenges that will be occuring in 2017, check out the link to another blogger, GirlXOXO.

For 2017, I have joined Book Dragon's Audiobook challenge, BookDate's Full House Reading Challenge, GirlXOXO's Monthly Motif Challenge, and My Soul Called Life's Dystopian Challenge


  1. So glad to have you joining the Dystopia Reading Challenge! Wishing you the best in the year ahead!

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to take part, and thank you for the great suggestions you commented with on your own blog. I've not read either of them, but have them on my TBR list now.

  2. Welcome to the Full House Reading Challenge for 2017. You have a good variety of challenges to keep you on the go!

  3. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for joining us for the Monthly Motif Reading Challenge! Remember to check in at every month and let us know which book you read. Hope you have fun with it.